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This is Taiga and she's my first human release! She is a cute pastel Tigress. I worked really hard on making her and I hope you like her! ♡

Taiga, like all my avatars are SFW. I strive to put more wholesome unique avatars on the market, please respect that :> ♡

If you want to see Taiga in action please watch the videos, one is a little trailer and the other is a toggle showcase.

If you’ve purchased Tora, you can get a $10 discount off Taiga, please DM me with proof of purchase for a code.

Please read through this entire page I KNOW IT'S LENGTHY, but it contains important information! Keep in mind that the Quest version doesn't have as many toggles or customizability!


❥ Taiga PC

◊ Clothing Toggles:

  • Dress Color (Pink and Blue), Long Sleeves, Lace Gloves, Eyepatch, Hat and Tiger Mask.

◊ Animal Toggles:

  • Tiger ears, Ear hue and saturation slider, Tiger tail, Tail hue and saturation slider.

◊ Hair Toggles:

  • Hair hue, brightness, saturation slider, Hair glitter brightness, Hair rim lighting.

◊ Accessories Toggles:

  • Finger keychain, Angry tiger plush, Tiger color, Tiger follower (You and your friends can grab it just make finger guns when you grab it. Area for easiest grab is about 4 inches above the spine).

◊ Interactions

  • Headpat and Nose boop trigger facial expressions with heart and star particles.
  • Tiger plush headpat spawns particles.


  • Spawns colored hearts and puts avatar into a sleeping position.

❥ Taiga Quest -- ONLY HAS SHORT HAIR

◊ Clothing Toggles:

  • Dress Color (Pink and Blue), Eyepatch and Tiger Mask.

◊ Animal Toggles:

  • Tiger ears and tail.

◊ Accessories Toggles:

  • Tiger plush -- Doesn't have bones!!

◊ Interactions

  • Headpat and Nose boop trigger facial expressions


  • Puts avatar into a sleeping position.


- There may be slight clipping on the dress itself since it has multiple layers but it’s usually not too noticeable but I thought I’d let you know beforehand. 

- The skirt will clip through your body and look silly when you walk just because I didn’t want to add a million bones and I didn’t want to use cloth physics because that’s quite performance demanding.

- If you've purchased the package I can upload the package for you as long as you show me proof of purchase ♡ don't give it to anyone to upload it for you. Please join my discord and open a ticket.

- I've given you 4 different background to choose from if you don't want to take your own picture.

- When uploading make sure to press IGNORE instead of RELOAD! Double click the "Click Me Taiga" Package

- If you have the quest version of Taiga she will have "placeholders" in spots where toggles are on the PC versions, this is the only way I could find that the toggles from PC and Quest would sync together. If you have quest only you can remove them.

If you REALLY want the avatar but you can't afford it at full price please come talk to me and we can make some sort of arrangement for a discount (you'll have to do some sort of exchange for it). I would rather have you have a legitimate version of my avatar rather than going to leaking websites/servers. If I happen to make more human avatars please don't abuse this, avatars are an indulgence instead of a necessity but I want everyone to have a chance of having a cute avatar.

Rules: You agree to these when you purchase my avatar.

Cannot do:

- You cannot take any assets off this avatar even for personal use, please go to the original source and buy it yourself.

- I have edited every purchased asset in some way, you’re not allowed to take any of my edited textures or parts off this avatar unless you have purchased the original asset for yourself. If you use an asset from this avatar, you're not allowed to use it for commercial, nitro, free, or public avatars, only PRIVATE/PERSONAL avatars. This is especially the case for the face, body, tail and eye textures.

- Don't take out my discord tag/gumroad in the head, it's flat, non-obtrusive and doesn't have many polygons.

- Please don't leak this package to any website, server or share with your friends ☹ I will be sad. If you see someone using a public version of my avatar please let me know and report it ♡

- Don't upload as public, it's for you only.

- Do not resell anything on this avatar, especially if I've made it from scratch.

- Do not remove my watermark from textures.

- Due to the nature of this product being digital, there are no refunds! If there is something wrong like you entered the wrong email address please message me.

Can do:

- You will have to provide your discord name and VRChat username. Please don't put fake information

- If you are buying the avatar for someone else, use the GIFT option.

- If you want to use my avatar for streaming/tiktok/instagram/youtube etc make sure to credit me so people can find my avatars

- If I’ve made the asset/texture from scratch then you’re allowed to use them for your own PERSONAL/PRIVATE avatars, you cannot give it out for free or use them for commercial, public, or nitro/free avatars.

- Feel free to edit this avatar, I'd love to see your edits as well so please join my discord!


Keychain:  Lestery VRC

Eye texture : ~GHOST~ (no discord, only website)

Head: Starlynn#8980 (Face texture edited by me Cozu#1111) 

Leg Bows: Nyakoh#6666

Garters: rinebean#1111

Base: Pandaabear#9873 Body texture edited by me (Cozu#1111) 

Front Hair: Powdur#6808 

Back Hair: bobbyx#0001

Quest version hair:  Moobean

Tail: Minichibi

Shoes: Hayami#0001

Among us follower: hfcRed

AFK: Kisu☆#1000

Hat, outfit, Ears, Eyepatch, Tiger Mask, Tiger Plush with walking animation, Hairpins, Gloves, Hair texture, icons, and any textures associated with these items by Cozu#1111 (that's me lolol) 

Showcase: Yuki.Ookami#0626

Please let me know if I’ve forgotten to credit something <3

- I have included the SDK and Poiyomi Shader in the package already, if you're having problems with the shader you can get it here.

- The package has instructions included, please make sure to read through them before asking any questions!

Please feel free to join my discord if you have any questions, or would like to see the next avatar I'm working on. I do giveaways fairly often there as well so you can have a chance at winning a free avatar there.

https://discord.gg/YsDZenf96Q ⟵⟵⟵⟵⟵

You can also check out my cute little animal avatars made from scratch here

Special thanks to Yuki Ookami (Yuki.Ookami#0626) for the showcase and my lovely models Vani and Centzon

Please share with your friends if you think they might be interested ♡ I don't have much of a social reach and I'd love to get my model out there for those who would like it! Thank youuuuuuu~ ♡

  • Unity Package of Taiga

  • Unity Package of Taiga


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